CHETRALOC 114 is a synthetic, permanently elastic single component product. It seals immediatelly at low pressure. There is no breakage, deformation or fatigue to seal. It is especially suitable for small or hin-walled parts.


With good chemical stability is CHETRALOC 114 is used as a surface sealant to seal water, hot water, fuel, tools antifreeze, hydraulic, gear and motor oil, 5% -ných alkalis and acids in ages, gearbox, chain wheels , wafer, pumps, motors, and in many other applications.

Technical data:

Temperature range: -40°C to +150°C
Pressure: max. 200 bar (after 24 hours)
Bypassed arch: max. 0,5 mm

Ordering informations:

Type Packaging unit Prod. Number
CHETRALOC 114 100g tube/box (6 tub) 900114