CHETRALOC 110 is designed for the whole area of water and gas installations. It is an anaerobic product which normally cures without shrinks. It is characterized by good chemical stability and resistance to hot water and steam (DVGW tested). These features extend the scope of this article as a gasketing divided cabinet and complicated shapes seals for engines, gearboxes, pumps, age, hydraulic distributors etc. as well as duct seal especially large diameter screw joints. CHETRALOC 110 provides special thanks substances immediate tightness of 3 bar. Nonetheless, the max. 10 minutes after using are possible the assembly corrections.

Technical data:

Temperature range: -60°C to +150°C (short term +200°C)
Pressure: max. 350 bar
Bypassed arch: > 3", scope max. 1 mm in the pipeline at a threaded screw joints as a gasketing in gap size max. 0,2 mm

Ordering informations:

Type Packaging unit Prod. Number
CHETRALOC 110 100g tube / box (6 tube) 900110