Maintenance facility



CHETRA SOLV is a solvent is immediate rust and grease. Very well penetrates into all crevices and has excellent depth effect. It relaxes and baked stuffing cover bolts after 1-2 minutes, action and provide short-term protection against corrosion.


CHETRA N.A.S assembly lubricant while anti-corrosion, abrasion, seizing, stuffs becoming baked at very high pressures and high temperatures.


CHETRATHENE is a highly effective cleanser. Cleans shaft, stuffing box cover, and the stuffing box of oil, graphite, grease and other deposits.


Pack-boy is a tool for the proper cut length, thickness and interfaces between the stern rings. Use the slider and span devices be required dimensions reliably and quickly prepared.

CHETRA extractor

CHETRA extractor gland packing is used to remove the old seal without residue.

CHETRA mounting template

CHETRA mounting template stuffing seal serves as a guide for the final placement of the stern rings. The scale allows the appropriate template to fit different diameter and depth of the pump shaft seal.