Chetralon combines well deformable core of PTFE and the spiral configuration of the supporting plastics PTFE. This ensures easy filling stuffing box or inequality flanges while controlled limited flow sealant cold without the risk of crowding.


It is a universal seal for the entire range of pH 0 to 14, at from -240 °C to 270 °C and a pressure up to 100 bar. It is useful for virtually all environments - chemicals and gases, including oxygen gas to 50 bar at a maximum of 150 ° C or up to 30 bar at 200 ° C. An exception is a medium containing liquid oxygen, molten alkali metals, fluorine under pressure and other rarely occurring halogenated compounds. Seal CHETRALON is deployed in engineering, chemistry, pharmacy, equipment working with steam or hot water in heating devices, agrarníctve in house installations, shipbuilding, etc.


Tested by BAM: TgbČ.5 421/83 / 4-1906 I

Usability test seals for valve oxygen aggregates:

Based on the test results, no technical safety objections to the use CHETRALON with gaseous oxygen in the relevant range of pressure and temperature (see application area).

Ordering informations:

Dimensions (diameter x lenght) Packaging unit* Prod. Number
2,4 mm x 15,3 m
3/32" x 50 feet
1 little cartoon (12 rolls) 132350
4 mm x 10,7 m
5/32" x 35 feet
1 little cartoon (12 rolls) 132535
5,6 mm x 4,6 m
7/32" x 15 feet
1 little cartoon (12 rolls) 132715
7,1 mm x 2,7 m
7/32" x 15 feet
1 little cartoon (12 rolls) 132909

* It can also be supplied in a large carton = 12 small cartons = 144 rolls