Hot thermal coatings

Hot thermal coatings

Company Chetra SK s.r.o. offers services in field of dip coatings. We use the latest technologies for application dip coatings:

Our company uses system nanoHVOF with robot ABB from Germany company Thermico GmbH & Co. KG.

Precision Coating is achieved by positioning device and a turntable in cooperation with robot ABB 4600. Pointing device allows us to very accurately applied to surfaces with a diameter to 1100 mm and lengths up to 3080 mm at a speed of 6-300 rpm / min.


  • Inner Coatings - from 80 mm inner diameters
    • nanoHVOF coatings
  • Outer coatings
    • nanoHVOF coatings
    • Plasma coatings

There is used the used ultra-fine powder in nanoHVOF coatings with a particle size of -9 + 2 microns. Typical spraying thickness nanoHVOF is up 9 microns.

Application of thermal spraying:

Hot sprayed coatings are intended primarily to protect surfaces. Coatings applied by hot spraying play a key role in the production and renovation in automotive, energy, aerospace, medical, petrochemical and chemical industries.

The most important features that can be achieved by hot spraying:

  • resistance to mechanical wear
  • excellent tribological properties - self-lubricating, sliding, sealing
  • oxidation resistance
  • corrosion resistance
  • resistance to aggressive chemical environment
  • resistance to extreme temperatures
  • biocompatibility
  • healthiness
  • special physical properties - temperature superconductivity, optics, resistance to radiation
  • and other

Hot sprayed coatings can be applied to all common construction materials - iron alloys and non-ferrous metals. During application of the coating thermal spraying there is no heating of the base material of the temperature higher than 150, also there is no degradation of the structure due to the thermal effect on the base material, and no deformation of the coated part.

Use in production:

  • the manufacture of components whose production is otherwise difficult or expensive
  • applying quality coatings from the construction component of cheaper materials
  • surface properties otherwise unattainable

Use in the repair and renovation:

  • cheaper and faster renovation compared with surfacing and chrome
  • using a coating from quality materials is a prerequisite for better properties in a renovated component as in the original
  • ease of renovation and longer life remanufactured components can greatly reduce costs and inventories of spare parts